Every second of every minute counts when a serious accident or medical emergency is concerned and prompt intervention within the first hour after any traumatic incident is absolutely critical – 

  • Someone calls 999.
  • The Air Ambulance responds.
  • It’s a life and death situation.
  • Those 60 minutes are critical.

But without a helipad, the emergency airlift stops short of A&E, adding to transfer time.

A key element of this ‘Golden Hour’ timeframe is ensuring that Air Ambulances can land as close to specialist treatment as possible, and our helipads provide that opportunity.



When any delay can be deadly, being seconds away from specialist help will save lives and improve the patient’s chance of a full recovery.


“In the ‘Golden Hour’ after an accident or sudden illness, the difference is often a fast flying helicopter that reaches the ill or injured sooner and gets back to A&E quickly enough to give those in distress the best possible chance of surviving.”

Dr. Charles Deakin – Consultant at Southampton University Hospitals Trust and founder member of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance