Society’s biggest ever charitable donation

Savers have helped Leek United Building Society to make its single biggest ever donation to charity.

The Society’s fundraising has quite literally soared to a record new high with a cheque for £52,682 presented to the County Air Ambulance Trust*.

The sum was made possible thanks to Leek United’s popular Air Ambulance Affinity Account – sending the total directly raised for the Trust by the Society and its account holders to more than £281,000 since the account was first launched in 2008.

Leek United Chief Executive Andrew Healy said: “The life-saving work of the air ambulances is a vital service for a huge number of people across the communities we serve, and we are delighted to continue our long-standing support of the County Air Ambulance Trust.

“The Air Ambulance Affinity Account was Leek United’s very first product of its kind, and this record donation has been made possible by the fantastic support it has received from our members over the years.”

The Air Ambulance Trust Affinity Account enables savers to contribute to the Trust’s support of air ambulance operational services in the Midlands whilst earning interest on their own savings.

Annual running costs of keeping three helicopters airborne and providing a life-saving service in the Midlands is in excess of £8 million, and the County Air Ambulance Trust plays an indispensable role in securing the financial future of the region’s red air ambulance service. CAAT’s donations have helped to fund the re-build of Midlands Air Ambulance Charity’s operational air bases, new medical equipment, secondary night-lit landing sites and a specialist Critical Care Car.

Arthur Worthington, Charity Administrator of the County Air Ambulance Trust (CAAT), received the record cheque from Andrew Healy and Leek United Chair Rachel Court, following the Society’s recent 2019 Annual General Meeting at Leek Cricket Club.

Mr Worthington said: “We are proud and enormously grateful to be teamed up with Leek United, whose donations have been a lifeline for us for many years now. We would ask people to open a County Air Ambulance Trust Affinity Account where they can contribute to our support of air ambulance operational services in the Midlands which help to save many people’s lives every year.” 

Picture caption: Charity Administrator Arthur Worthington and Senior Administration Officer Carol Follos, of the County Air Ambulance Trust, receive the Society’s cheque from Leek United’s Chief Executive Andrew Healy and Chair Rachel Court.