Leek United’s affinity account boost for Air Ambulance

Leek United’s long-running affinity with the County Air Ambulance Trust has been further strengthened with a donation of vital funds to support the work of the Air Ambulance that serves the Midlands.

A cheque for £10,000 has been presented to the charity and the donation is linked directly to Leek United’s popular Air Ambulance Affinity Account, launched in September 2008.

The latest donation was handed over by the Society’s Chief Executive, Kevin Wilson, and Head of Savings, Steve Boulton, to Robert Bertram, Charity Director of the County Air Ambulance Trust, at Cosford, where one of the 3 Midlands Air Ambulance Helicopters is stationed.

“Our special affinity account has proved very popular with customers since it was first launched,” said Steve. “In effect, it means that their life savings are helping to save lives, and it doesn’t actually cost the customer a penny!”

Kevin added: “We are delighted to be able to make this latest donation to the County Air Ambulance Trust. It has been one of our main community beneficiaries for a number of years, and performs a vital service for the people across the region we serve.”

The County Air Ambulance Trust was founded in 1993 to help ensure the financial future of the first red air ambulance helicopter based at Cosford. Despite the unquestionable life-saving benefits of their work, the air ambulance operations receive no government or lottery funding whatsoever and are therefore entirely reliant on donations from public and business communities.

Robert Betram said: “We are enormously grateful to Leek United Building Society for all their support over many years now. We would ask people to open an County Air Ambulance Affinity Account where their savings can earn interest and also help save lives, as for every £100 saved, Leek United donates £1 to the County Air Ambulance Trust.

“We look forward to continuing to work together in the future to and help provide support to ensure the best helicopter emergency medical service in the country.”

[Pictured: Stephen Boulton, Head of IT & Savings, Leek United; Robert Bertram, Charity Director, County Air Ambulance Trust and Kevin Wilson, Chief Executive, Leek United Building Society]